About Fakhoury Academy of Taekwondo

At the Fakhoury Academy of Taekwondo our mission is to build our community, promote physical fitness, and mental focus all while developing a sense of personal safety in every person that comes to us for instruction regardless of age or ability.

fakhoury-signTaekwondo is a fun, family friendly way to learn self defense and stay fit. Fakhoury Academy of Taekwondo offers classes for all ages. Taekwondo has been proven to help with memory, self-control, strength, flexibility, and better focus.

Utilizing the five tenets of Taekwondo, we emphasize physical fitness, mental focus, and self defense to help us become better people for ourselves and our community.

…our mission is to build our community, promote physical fitness, and mental focus all while developing a sense of personal safety in every person…

Physical Fitness

We are a proponent of physical fitness as well as instruction in the martial arts.  We feel it is important for all people, whether young or old to get physical fitness.  We start off with  an energetic warm up which gets our bodies heated up and our muscles ready for performing Taekwondo.  We do basic kicks, punches, and stances which are covered every class.  We do our forms and one steps self defense moves.  We work on practice drills with kicking, punching, and blocking.  We work on sparring techniques and what works best for our body.  If time allows we work on more advanced techniques which teach us to break boards, and or flying kicks.  * Note that advanced techniques are based upon the skill level of the person.  We like to get our heart rates up while training and burn calories while working out.  Even people who have been working out on a consistent basis have reported that they have done great exercise and feel really good after class.

Mental Focus

People who do Taekwondo have reported an increase in mental acuity. Doing exercise does increase brain functionality but we take it a step further. We memorize many forms and one step self defenses which exercises the brain as well. We work on focusing on the task at hand which gives us better mental focus in our daily lives. When we prepare to do Taekwondo we go into a state of Jun-Bi which means “READY”. “Ready for what you may ask”. We are ready for anything. We become used to going into the state of Jun-Bi which helps us prepare for what ever challenges that may come along. Many children in school have reported that they go into a state of Jun-Bi before taking a test and it helps them calm down, focus, and be more confident. This ultimately translates into better grades. Adults find themselves doing better in their work and becoming more productive.

Self Defense

With our growing population comes the risk of unstable people adding risk to our lives.  We are passionate about teaching self defense.  Most men do not even realize the world that most women live in. They go about their lives in fear of a potential threat.  Most people do not realize any potential threat to their well being.  The problem is when something does happen and we are not prepared for it.  Without preparation, the outcome could be disastrous.  We train for many scenarios if some one were to attack us.  We learn joint manipulation, defensive punches and kicks, and even knife defenses.  We teach how to get out of holds when someone larger than us is physically trying detain us.  We teach awareness strategies for different situations. We talk about strategies to avoid confrontation, and be mentally and physically prepared if one were to happen.  We can not guarantee that a person will come out unscathed if they were attacked, but a trained person will stand a much better chance if something unforeseen happened.


Not everyone can run 5 miles a day. Not everyone can work out in the gym every day. But we can get most everyone to work out with us in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for one hour two to three times a week. The class objective changes due to the day of the week so there is no getting bored with the same routine.

Get ready to change your life. Come and join us and see what we can do for you.

Classes run from 5:00 to 7:30 PM and we have classes for

  • Children Pre-Kindergarten through age 6
  • Children ages 6 through 12
  • Teens and Adults aged 12 and up
  • Adults morning classes at 8:00 AM
  • About Kevin Fakhoury

Kevin-FakhouryThe founder of the academy is Kevin Fakhoury, a 5th degree black belt and certified Taekwondo instructor.

Kevin founded his Taekwondo academy in 2015 in Hendersonville, NC.