Back To School

Hi Folks,

It’s back to school time.  Not only are we preparing ourselves for what extra curricular activities we will be doing but how are we going to prepare ourselves for the school year.  I say you need to join Taekwondo.  Here are a few reasons why:

  1.  Taekwondo trains us to concentrate even when we are under stress.
  2.  Taekwondo helps us be confident no matter what situation (social or otherwise) we are faced with.
  3.  Taekwondo gives us excellent exercise that some students might not otherwise get.
  4.  Taekwondo trains us for self defense of ourselves and in this day and age every individual needs to know this.
  5. Taekwondo helps teach us to deal with bullies in a non-violent way.

Schools have cut back the arts, sports, and many extra curricular activities.  Choose Fakhoury Academy of Taekwondo.  We will give a clean, safe environment for your child to train in and develop life skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

We are having a back to school special:  We will give a free uniform for every person who joins this fall.