Martial Arts For All Ages

We teach martial arts which becomes a way of life for people from 5 years old to 95 years old.

Physical Fitness

It's important for all people, whether young or old, to have physical fitness in their lives. Taekwondo is a sport that can bring physical fitness to young and old alike. We cover a wide range of techniques from beginner to advanced.

Mental Focus

Many of the various martial arts, including Taekwondo, can help people with focus, concentration and overall mental discipline. We emphasize focusing on the task at hand which gives us better mental focus in our daily lives.

Self Defense

With our growing population comes the risk of unstable people adding risk to our lives. Here at the Fakhoury Academy we're passionate about teaching self defense as well as physical and mental preparation and awareness.

Helping People Of All Ages


When we are young, we haven't discovered the potential of our bodies. Most kids are somewhat clumsy.  Their bodies are very limber but they are unaware of the physical world around them.  We teach self awareness, self confidence, and how to physically move through our world. As we grow older we are more aware of our physical environment.  The problem is if we are inactive for any reason our bodies do not recuperate as fast as when we were young.  We work with people's limitations to help get them active and build strength.  Taekwondo is a great tool to do that.  We work on stretching exercises to improve flexibility, dexterity exercises to improve mobility and strength building exercises to build strength for our whole body. Our Grand Master Y. S. Chung is turning 70 years old this March.  The practices he has preached has helped him be in better shape than many 30 year old people.

Taekwondo translates into "The Way of the Foot and Fist".  Most martial arts were developed around the physical abilities of the people who created them.  The Koreans who developed Taekwondo are a fairly tall people with long legs.  They developed a martial art that capitalized on that feature.  We learn to use our legs to jump, kick in the air, spin kick, and flying kicks.  *These kicks are not for everyone so we work on what our bodies allow us to do.  Also in defending ourselves, we find it is easier to keep an attacker off of us by using our legs than our arms.  Our legs are longer and keep our would be attacker farther away from our body.  As a person increases in their skill level, they tend to develop higher and more dramatic kicks.